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About Us


Foster interdependence among all members of school communities to ensure success for all. 


Manifest leadership truth in everything we do.


Initiate courageous conversations, contribute professionally to our local communities, develop

self-transformation in an area of expertise, and serve others relentlessly.


Lead deep

community-based conversations  

that challenge practices that do not work in K-12 public education. 

Pushing Boundaries Consulting emerged when Dr. Rick Jetter and Rebecca Coda set a course to make an incredible impact on the apathy and complacency that still exist in schools, organizations and the educational industry today.  Their collective expertise in educational leadership spans from teacher to superintendent and every position in-between. This partnership fueled a fearless and dynamic impact on school leadership across the globe when they co-authored Escaping the School Leaders' Dunk Tank. This project connected them with school leaders who were also surviving amidst corruption, adversity and apathy within their schools.
In 2017 they were invited to write in a weekly featured advice column for School Leaders Now entitled, "Dear R&R". They responded to trending issues submitted by readers in a "Dear Abby" style of writing. Between 2018-2020 they were featured in various professional jounals and magazines, such as NAESP, ASCD, American School Board Journal, & Principal Magazine just to name a few. They have facilitated keynotes and breakout session for organizations such as ASCD Empower 2018 & 2019, National and State School Board Associations, BET-C, National Title 1 Conference, NASSP and many other statewide and district-wide organizations in addition to being invited on dozens and dozens of podcasts.
Upon the co-authorship of Let Them Speak!, they empowered teachers and students with a modern day educational movement promoting student voice. Eliminating the status quo refueled their determination to serve at a greater capacity. Through their professional learning network, they were humbly showered with invites to be featured guest-hosts on Twitter chats and podcasts within leading educational groups: Edugladiators, Rewired Radio, The Principal Center, Out of the Trenches, MyEdExpert, The Lasting Learning Podcast, Wired Educator, KJag Radio, Conversations with Evan Robb, Swivl, #SHAREMOEDU, Transformative Principal, and Bam Radio. 
Through this process Rick and Rebecca met numerous authentic and dynamic educators that were also breaking the glass ceiling in education. These authentic and organic relationships converged with a noble purpose to utilize talents, influence and impact others to push boundaries in education. These highly valuable relationships and expertise set Pushing Boundaries Consulting on a new trajectory of service to others.  Affiliates were formally invited to commit to the Pushing Boundaries movement based on a set of high impact criteria. The goal was simply to join forces and work alongside one another in order to create a movement of high expectations, high EQ and resiliency.

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We Publish

Educational|Children's Books

From a free full manuscript PDF download to educator and children's books, all books shake the status quo and shift intellectual boundaries. 


We Create


Our affiliates integrate their talents and current  trends to create tools and resources aligned with evidence-based best practices in pK-21 Education.  

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We Train

Customized PD|Coaching

We believe in thorough collaboration and clear agreed upon learning targets to ensure complete customization. Our goal is to deliver high quality professional development specific to your needs. 


We Speak 


Our authors and affiliates offer keynote speaking, conference breakout sessions within their areas of expertise in small group and large group settings in person and virtually.