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Everything we write has the power to obliterate the status quo and raise the success frequency in leadership, instruction, and human happiness agency. Our affiliates span across the most reputable and relevant publishers of this decade. Longitudinal research, action research, and evidence-based practices are the foundation for the work we do. What sets us apart is that we are boots-on-the-ground researchers and learners strategically listening to families, students, and educators willing to call out adversity and obstacles that are holding back communities from success. High EQ, sophisticated understanding of tech and innovation, and the intricacies of the future aspects of education make us forerunners, movers and shakers, and experts at what we do. 


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ASCD Ed Leadership

American School Board Journal

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High active engagement is necessary for in-your-face, no holding back boundary pushing. All publications are anti-status quo passion filled and well articulated content created to support PK-21 educators in moving their organization forward in relevant, organic,  and authentic community-based strategies, reflections, expert growth, and action-based models. Our affiliates are passionate about their expert areas and aim to reach local, state, and national leaders and lawmakers to create a voice for YOU. In addition to our affiliates, our trusted partners also have incredible publications and collaborative platforms that unite educational organizations to work together, collaborate, and learn from one another.  We don't believe in recreating the wheel, but evolving the wheel through relevant relationships, core knowledge and current and future changes in education is in our blood.




Graphic Organizers



Making meaning out of text is a metacognitive skill that educators not only use to construct new understanding, but to also directly and explicitly teach students so, they, too can build new knowledge. You may want to consider following our affiliates on all social media platforms, individual and personal websites, in order to fully benefit from all the resources available from our Pushing Boundaries affiliates. You will find video snippets, gifs, and memes both as encouragements and content knowledge. Julie Woodard is available to create and design infographics and has been featured on MindShift & EduBlogs while creating Sketchnote graphics for many publishers and authors. Liliana Mora is a visual artist and primary illustrator for Pushing Boundaries Junior children's book line while also knowing a LOT about graphic design and school marketing. 

Rick Jetter and Rebecca Coda from Pushing Boundaries Educational Consulting
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