Dr. Rick Jetter,

Movement Co-Founder

Rebecca Coda, NBCT

Movement Co-Founder



Erik Francis, COO of Strategic Thinking

Better known as the DOK guy and Top 20 gurus of education--an elite group of educational thought leaders and icons, Erik pushes cognitive boundaries with his transformational approach to professional development through depth of knowledge, questioning & rigor. 

Dr. Amanda Mayeaux, VP of Research 

University professor, researcher and leadership expert, Amanda pushes boundaries with her status-quo busting approach to administrator preparation and teacher sustainability. 

Bethany Hill, Ambassador of Joyful Leadership   & Whole Child Advocacy

Assistant Principal, founder of #Joyfuleaders and an advocate for the whole child, follow this boundary pusher to learn more about school culture, trauma-informed practice, SEL and so much more. 

Kristina MacBury, Director of Happiness                            & Mental Healthiness 

Happiness is at the center of everything that Kristina authors, produces and accomplishes. She boldy pushes boundaries as a national force in technology, school happiness agency, and is a mental health/trauma expert. 

Isaiah Sterling, Ambassador of Student Voice

Student voice ambassador, student choice advocate, and student leadership mentor and trainer, Isaiah breathes pushing boundaries with his zest for life and desire to have students become partners with the adults who currently drive the educational system and make most educational decisions without student input.

Steve Sostak & Aaron Moniz,

Chief Empathy to Impact Officers

Thought leaders without any international boundaries, Steve and Aaron carry out a global impact for driving an Empathy to Impact approach through community based passion projects in order to achieve great heights for not only schools, but for every business, community, individual . . . humanity at large.   

Rachelle Dene Poth, J.D., Director of Innovation

When it comes to professional contributions, this attorney turned teacher professionally contributes as a national speaker, Twitter host, author, and writer for Getting Smart.  She pushes innovation boundaries in technology and through student advocacy.   

Jeff Kubiak, Director of Kindness 

Pushing against industrialized education, Jeff openly fights against complacency. He pushes boundaries pumping the positive with kindness and creates opportunities for resiliency, confidence and compassion. Also known as the kindness guy.       

Rachael Mann, Chief Futurist Officer 

Setting the stage for the future of  humanity is at the heart of Rachael's trailblazing dedication to relevant STEM learning spaces. She pushes innovation boundaries that will shape how we teach tomorrow.   

Eric Nichols, Director of Connectivity & Grants

As a leader of rural schools, Eric has taken on many roles and specializations. He pushes boundaries in his advocacy of student voice and current research on school reform through teacher voice. 

Dan Tricarico, Director of Educator Wellness

Dan is THE leading expert for educator care, well-being, and life balance.  His work has been featured across the nation as he assists all educators to live a life of health, happiness, and awakening.

Joe Smith "Linebacker Dad",

Director of Family Engagement 

Youth development and parent involvement are the lifelines of what our Linebacker Dad stands for!  Follow his incredible movement to help families sustain themselves not only for supporting their kids in school but for their entire LIVES!  

Jonathon Wennstrom,

Director of Relationships & Recognition

From super Principal to super motivator and honoring the recognition of others, Jon is the man to give your staff a boost of energy about the power of leadership and a positive school culture!

Justin Ashley, Wellness Ambassador 

Sometimes adversity prepares you for a big comeback. Justin pushes ultimate boundaries when it comes to balance, happiness and wellness in education.     

Julie Woodard, Director of Visual Design

If you haven't experienced Julie's infographics then you are in for a real treat. Julie pushes motivational boundaries through technology, student advocacy and creative design.  

Joey Mayeaux, Director of Safety for

School and Campus Operations

Major Joey Mayeaux has over 31 years of law enforcement experience with a passion for school safety. His work includes multiple levels of law enforcement from being a member of the training division, Crisis Response Team (SWAT), and commander of Uniform Patrol / School Security Officer (SSO) and Traffic Division.

Robert Knowles, Director of Social Media

Pirate educator and social media activist, Robert enjoys long walks on the beach and being a father to 4 bloxels.  Robert is a Golden Apple nominee and Classcraft ambassador, along with his past social media projects created for pushing boundaries authors and speakers.  

Dr. Sarah Thomas, Publishing and Literary Agent 

CEO of EduMatch Publishing and a keen eye on powerful topics in the field of technology, publishing, and innovation, Sarah can help you to grow as a connected educator and "edupreneuer." 

Liliana Mora, Graphic Artist & Illustrator  

From illustrator to special projects graphic designer and branding expert, every bone in Liliana's body exudes flair and artistry.  From book illustrations to large-scale brick wall murals, Liliana can transform anything ugly into something beautiful.

Our Pushing Boundaries affiliates possess a voice of influence. They are innovative leaders who push industry boundaries. They are the best of the best in their own right and strive to break the glass ceiling daily.  Our affiliates are invited to join Pushing Boundaries based on the following criteria.


 They . . .

  • Embody high EQ capacity. 

  • Are experts in their respective fields who constantly pursue learning. 

  • Demonstrate superior transformational leadership skills. 

  • Are actively involved in building a social PLN community.

  • Produce high-quality publications and communications in the field.

  • Have impeccable industry influence because they are friendly, strong, smart, and humble.

  • Are not afraid to push against status quo structures.

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