Because our students are counting on us. 

Educators Emerging from Unexpected and Rapid Change 

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Educational systems, across the globe, have never faced a more unexpected and rapid change in history for teachers and students of this generation.  Remote instruction was utilized by many educators for carrying out continued instruction due to the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic.  From school shootings to digital dementia to any other unexpected and rapid change that schools must reckon with, Recovery Mode offers suggestions, insights, and reflections from various national and international experts and authors.  This book will assist you in thinking about your own recovery and emergence designs while envisioning how schooling might look in the future. Recovery Mode topics for recovery and emergence include: 

  • Leadership reflection and empowerment

  • Instructional program innovation

  • Caring for one another

  • Educator wellness

  • Equity in our schools

  • Global empathy to impact design models

  • The role of creativity in education


and much, much more!      

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The Pushing Boundaries Model



Since the time that we worked in the field of education, we realized that everything we wrote, everyone we wanted to work with, everyone who intrigued us, and every issue in the field of education that we wanted to tackle had one thing in common: "pushing boundaries."


As a result, the birth of Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC (PBC) took place because of our central governing philosophy of wanting to make an incredible impact on shifting the walls of status quo  structures that still exist in schools, organizations, and industry today.  From there, the "shifting wall" icon was conceived and organizations  began utilizing our work, along with commissioning our affiliate consultants who also have the ideals and expertise needed to "push boundaries." On each page of this website, you will see escalator stairs.  These "stairs" represent constantly changing rejuvenations unlike traditional stationary stairs that will never change and either do the same things for our youth or harm them purposely or inadvertently.  We are here to put a stop to these status quo structures within our schools and systems. 

These "structures" that demand new horizons are cornerstones of our work in the areas of building relationships and working with others, designing meaningful curriculum and instruction, utilizing technology, and providing the social emotional well-being necessary for every student and adult learner to be successful and happy wherever they go.


Our motto is simple: 


 Everything that we do is unlike anything else

that anyone else does . . .

"because our students are counting on us!"


Rebecca Coda, NBCT
Lead Consultant & Partner
Rick Jetter, Ph.D.
Lead Consultant & Partner

3 Core Areas

Speaking & Consulting


Our person to person services range from briefer keynote speaking (30 minutes to 2 hours) to establishing longer relationships with our clients based on their needs and desire to fulfill projects that will push boundaries (and get results) for years to come.  Our organization is meant to be a one-stop shop where we have recruited only the finest practitioners and experts in the field.  Each Pushing Boundaries team member has a hyper-specific area of interest and expertise in addition to being able to train others on any topic in the field of education.  That is what makes our organization so unique.

Professional Development


Our workshop models range from one full day event to one week long event.  While we offer specific professional development topics of interest, PBC can also customize your workshops based on specific needs that you might have.  While our affiliate consultants are versed in all pushing boundaries initiatives, they also specialize in specific expert areas, as well.  Popular PD models include (but are not limited to) retreats, EDcamps, academies, or conferences. 

Books & Other Publications

Our publications go hand in hand with our services and enhance the professional learning and reflection needed by professional educators across the globe.  Writing, blogging, and publishing are important to us because in order to push boundaries, publishing legacies must live on for future generations.  We believe that books are important and we are committed to authoring on a regular basis in order to bring you new, innovative titles and ideas each year.

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