The Pushing Boundaries Team, does not fly in, speak, and return home without intense follow up, customization, and resources provided to you for free.  We push boundaries based on a model of building relationships, not referring to ourselves as know-it-alls who published a few books.  We are committed and passionate about causing REAL change in your organization.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  While we are unique and drastically different from any other group of consultants and authors, we do business much differently from everyone else.  Talk to us about creating innovative white papers for your organization.  If we are going to push boundaries together, we have to keep pushing.  One shove will not cause systemic changes.  

All of our consultants are humble thought leaders who are non-commercialized.  We want schools to change dramatically and not just stay up-to-date on trends and niches that end up going nowhere.  We want schools and industry to be in FRONT of the learning curve. That's what pushing boundaries is all about.  We are passionate leaders, scholars, and researchers who want to cause incredible changes within our status quo systems.

Pushing Boundaries can put together a comprehensive plan for your school or district.  We offer no obligation advice for you on how to move forward with incredible reformation.




Below, you will find just a small handful of the places we are speaking in order to spread the word of Pushing Boundaries.  This is not a comprehensive list of our entire list of clients that all of our affiliate consultants have also been commissioned to work with.  All of our topics are varied in order to provide organizations with a comprehensive one-stop-shop that taps into the overall system of engaged improvement that has lasting effects.  While we speak to audiences for 30 minutes to 2+ hours about various ideas, here are a few categories of topics that we have been invited to share with our pushing boundaries audiences:

  • Social emotional learning

  • Working through adversity

  • Teaching adversity

  • Setting up an IoT learning environment

  • Curriculum alignment beyond written standards

  • Hiring and mining for talent

  • Student voice and the art of story-telling

  • Policy construction

We are also honored to provide keynotes for any of our publications and can work with you for follow-up opportunities in order to turn speaking engagements into workshops or long-term pushing boundaries projects.


Pushing Boundaries can provide your team a comprehensive training program that is designed to push boundaries for long term results.  


While our Professional Development services can be customized to fit your needs depending on which boundaries you want to push, below are just a few examples of programs that have been popular among our clients, so far. 


Here are just a few places we've been to or are headed to shortly.  We hope to see you around and about.  If you need references from any of our speaking and consulting venues, just holler.  We are confident that you will be impressed!  

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