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The Pushing Boundaries Team, does not fly in, train, and return home without intense follow up, customization, and resources provided to you as free follow-up.  We push boundaries based on a model of building relationships as co-learners in a profession that is built on excellence and collaboration.  No one state, district or school is alike nor should our trainings be. We are committed and passionate about causing REAL change within your organization based on your desired outcomes and needs.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  While we are unique and drastically different from any other group of consultants and trainers, we do business much differently from everyone else.  

All of our consultants are humble thought leaders who are non-commercialized and focused on academic results and authenticity.  We want schools to change dramatically and not just stay up-to-date on trends and niches that end up going nowhere.  We want schools and industry to be in FRONT of the learning curve. That's what pushing boundaries is all about.  We are passionate leaders, scholars, and researchers who want to cause incredible changes within our status quo systems.

Our comprehensive team has the capacity to support you in grant writing that may offset cost and target district and site improvement plan goals. We have a success record in aiding districts in acquiring grant funding to support our training and consulting fees. 


Pushing Boundaries can put together a comprehensive plan for your school or district.  Everything we do is customized. We offer no obligation advice for you on how to move forward with incredible reformation. We work with pK-12 schools and districts, higher education institutions, and other organizations on the following pillars that govern pushing boundaries services:

  • Development of Processes and Protocols

  • Continuous Professional Development

  • Site-Based Teacher and Leadership Development

  • School Walkthrough & Feedback

  • Culture & EQ Development

  • Mentoring and Pre-Service Programming

  • Title I Programming

  • Materials and Resources Creation (Curriculum, Human Resources, Policy Construction)

  • Team Building & Collaborative Training


Rick Jetter and Rebecca Coda from Pushing Boundaries Educational Consulting