Meet Brian Golod: Tech Mogul and Gamification Expert at Your Service

When it comes to EdTech, Brian Golod offers Pushing Boundaries over two decades of experience in business analysis, product ownership, full stack mobile/web development, and UX design.

Brian was 12 years old when he learned that bringing software solutions to life was his passion, and he went on to pursue computer science from this young age at a world-renowned technical high school in Argentina, where he was born and raised.

In May 2014, Brian and his wife were taking a powerful six-week seminar called Realizing Your Potential. After their first class, Brian was filled with inspiration and wondered:

"If I were to leave this world tomorrow, what would I have done to leave it in a better shape than I found it?"

Brian realized education was the key to understanding one another better and solving many of the problems our world faces today. He thoroughly enjoys mentoring, training, and empowering others, so pushing boundaries in education was a natural progression for him.

Learning can, sometimes, be boring for many students, unfortunately. Brian wants to make learning fun, exciting, challenging, and engaging. He wanted to create a safe environment where students could practice, gain confidence, become comfortable, and ultimately become more knowledgeable in any area so long as they had the right platform to be successful. Robust analytics could enable educators to assess students in real time in order to shift their focus accordingly, on a group or individual basis both inside and outside the classroom.

Brian reached out to accomplished educators and technologists who supported his idea, provided invaluable feedback, and confirmed that it had been scientifically proven that learning had to be fun in order to be effective. This is how onetrivia, a mobile education platform with gaming opportunites, was born.

Along the way, Brian joined Career Cruising, a global leader in career development software, and moved up the ladder in several new responsibilities across three new teams. Brian is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to become inspired on a daily basis, learn so much about the industry, and apply it towards the continued development of and enhancements made to onetrivia.

In July 2016, onetrivia was launched on both iOS and Android platforms. Apple featured it in several countries as the #1 new trivia app within days of its release, and in a single week 4 million questions were answered, earning stellar reviews across both platforms.

Brian's team continued to enhance the user experience along the way and bring new features to life based on user feedback. This is where the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution made its mark--meaning that any institution can have its very own branded app, custom content, and analytics, leveraging onetrivia’s robust infrastructure.

When it comes to pushing boundaries two things are true about Brian:

1. He doesn’t fear challenging the status quo, and . . .

2. He believes wholeheartedly that if mankind made it to the moon and back, nothing is impossible.

He is now the proud father of Jasmine, a four and a half month old apple of his eye and he works hard to make the world a better place for Jasmine. These are the reasons why Brian belongs to Pushing Boundaries, because of his attitude and determination to push the envelope, to stop doing things that don’t make any sense, and to remove the "box" that education is sometimes bottled up in, altogether.

Brian was introduced to Jennifer Fraser, Ph.D., educator, anti-bullying author, and advocate. She became a huge fan and supporter of Brian’s innovative education platform and started to promote it with every opportunity that she had. Brian has also become a huge fan and supporter of Jennifer’s work and anti-bullying advocacy. Jennifer is co-authoring Brain Scars with Rick Jetter, and that’s how Brian and Rick were then introduced. When Brian met Rick and learned all about Pushing Boundaries, they knew that their partnership would help students everywhere because our students are counting on us!

So, what’s next for onetrivia and the gamification experience for students in order to bolster their achievement in school? A new onetrivia kids app is about to be released in the next few weeks with 40 categories and brand new features specifically designed for K-6.

The app will help students expand their vocabulary, learn new concepts, and focus on positive behaviors. Think about how you can use onetrivia as an intervention for your students! It will blow your mind! Get in touch with Brian if you want to learn more about it by contacting him at

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