Meet Liliana Mora: The Artistic Queen of School Branding and Visual Intelligence

Liliana Mora, master artist, graphic designer, and visual brand expert joined Pushing Boundaries because she offers a skill that many schools and school district have expressed an interest in: creating the lifeline and blood flow of an identity and presence that pushes boundaries beyond our own institutionally-focused landscapes.

Rick Jetter first met Liliana in Buffalo, NY when she was commissioned to design Rick's cover art for his first novel, The Isolate /n./. When he met her, he knew that she embodied an incredible talent beyond typical two-dimensional art and graphic design. "Liliana embodies a big picture intelligence of visual and branding brilliance beyond our imagination, especially when we first met and she said to me, 'Well, I have to read your book first, before designing anything!' I'm so honored to have her as part of Pushing Boundaries even though she is now based in Arizona," said Rick.

Artistic and visual branding is not about creating a mascot design for your school or using a cool newsletter platform. It isn’t about your school symbol or logo or even creating a new fresh website design that your community will love. It is about sending messages, promoting your school, and recognizing the amazing work you do for capturing the feelings and emotions of your community so that pride is the central focus using a myriad of powerful visual and digital experiences for not only the professionals and students in our schools, but for the community, at large, to engage in.

Branding not only includes graphic art, photography, and video, but it includes strategic thinking about identity, goals, visions, and strengths of an organization. It is the life-blood of good news and pride and this is often times a visual project and a visual message that can lead community buy-in, involvement, and forward thinking that pushes boundaries beyond our imagination.

What is most “visually intelligent” about Liliana is that she can transform school cultures through the modes of art in any modality and work with others on how to lead through powerful messaging beyond basic marketing principles.

Schools have a responsibility to showcase, tout, and creatively engage their social communities, not please the institution by simply putting together status quo designs because our students are counting on us!

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