Creating an Active --vs.-- Passive PLN: What is Pushing Boundaries?

The Birth of Pushing Boundaries

As Rebecca and I started working together on various book writing projects, speaking engagements, and other endeavors that we hope will help our entire educational community, we started meeting some amazing people along the way during our own collaborative journey. As a result of building an active social media and PLN, we realized that we gravitated towards those who "push boundaries" in every sense of the concept. As a result, we came across some incredible educational leaders, authors, and trainers who share a common set of characteristics and personality traits reflective of what "pushing boundaries" actually means to us:

1. All affiliates have overcome adversity in their lives or careers and demonstrated a resiliency and strength that we greatly respect.

2. They exude a high capacity for social awareness and emotional intelligence.

3. They are active members of their communities, PLN, and scholarship.

4. They have a passion for a specific status-quo-busting topic or issue in their field.

5. They have a specific expertise, but are humble and always learning.

6. They are incredible communicators, speakers, and innovators.

7. They adore children and value adult learners.

8. They want to work hard to make incredible advancements in education that will have structural, emotional, and social impacts on future generations to come.

Hence, the Pushing Boundaries icon was born--a red right angle that places the black right angle out of alignment. This is what we want to do to the status quo structures in education that don't serve our students. We want to push on, shift, and ultimately create new horizons for our students in schools everywhere.

We also realized that "Everything that we do is unlike anything else that anyone else does . . . Because Our Students Are Counting On Us!" This is our motto that we hope will begin showing up across the educational landscape as we consult and work with schools and organizations who have called upon us because of our hard work, toil, and specialized topics. You will see us at conferences, workshops, on social media, and in schools as the movement grows. We are also actively seeking new members to join Pushing Boundaries, but we strongly feel that these new relationships and affiliate partnerships and connections need to grow organically, not artificially, so we are not necessarily "holding interviews" or massively e-mailing people that we like or authors that we follow.

Daily Festivities Leading Up to September 13th

Each day leading up to our Social Media Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the formal release of Pushing Boundaries, one of our affiliate consultants will post a blog on a particular anti-status-quo topic that will surely be incredibly thought-provoking and reflective. Let YOUR own PLN know about Pushing Boundaries and you could win some fabulous books and other prizes when you participate in our Premier Event that is explained below . . .

Social Media Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. EST, Pushing Boundaries will host a Twitter chat using the hashtag #pushboundEDU where we will engage our community in powerful anti-status-quo-busting topics for one hour. There will also be FREE book giveaways and a chance to interact with various authors from our active PLN. We hope you will join us! And, please, SPREAD THE WORD!

Find us at

We are: Rick Jetter, Rebecca Coda, Amanda Mayeaux,

Erik Francis, Shawn Clark, Justin Ashley,

Brian Golod, and Liliana Mora . . .

at your service!

Are YOU ready to "push boundaries"?

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