Submission Criteria

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Picture Books 

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Chapter Books 

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 Chapter Books 

Book submissions will be only be considered if they support one or more of the following themes:

  1. Restoring American patriotic education and ideals or celebrating patriotism with a positive twist.

  2. Topics that push against status quo structures in education or make us re-think new ways of doing something that has been so prehistoric within our educational system. 

The following curriculum considerations are highly encouraged:

  1. Align lexile level to your targeted audience. Include the lexile level. You can scan your work on (Aligned Lexile Grade Level)

  2. Is there enough content and vocabulary that a teacher could read the book several times for several purposes? Is there enough substance and depth for dialogical conversation? (Close Reading) 

  3. Are there specific enough examples that students could mimic and/or relate to the positive behaviors of the main characters to change or alter their own behaviors? (PBIS)

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