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PBJ (Junior) books invite kids to think, empathize and stand up for what is right.

PBJ books refuel kids' hearts just as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich refuels their bodies.  

Violet Goes to Snapping School 

snapping School.PNG

Written by

Sydney Coda

& Rebecca Coda 

Illustrated by Liliana Mora 

You won't want to miss this inspirational story of adversity, perseverance and belonging. Violet, and her alligator siblings hatched in the bayou,  They couldn't find their mommy. Indigo, an alligator that was passing by saw the hatchlings and knew she must take care of them. She nurtured them, adopted them and raised them as her own. This newly formed family grew up in the bayous and rivers  of Louisiana.  On her first day of school Violet discovered that learning was very difficult. She didn't like school until her teachers created a plan that would ensure her success at Snapping School. Follow Violet's journey as she discovers her talents and sense of belonging in this world.  

Close Reading | Content Integrated | SEL

Special Education | Adoption

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